As resistant as Steel

With strength parameters above industrial fiberglass composites, Compact Graphene achieves values typical of metals such as alloy steels, and composite materials with carbon fibers.

Safety at work

Graphentower’s FRP composite poles offer great safety to installers. The high durability and resistance of the composite material with graphene, along with the reduced weight of the poles, make them easier and safer to handle during installation.

Resistance to weathering and corrosion

Its mineral nature provides excellent surface performance against environmental agents. Even in extreme conditions such as saline or corrosive environments.

Biocides free

FRP Compact Graphene poles comply with the Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 of the European Parliament in force since 22 May 2012, and updated on 9 March 2021 applying bans on biocidal products and articles treated with them, such as poles of electric or telephone airlines treated with creosote.

Extraordinarily light

Its reduced weight (44.5 kg) is ideal, both from the point of view of installation and logistics, it can serve as support in those overhead distribution lines located in areas with difficult access as it is not necessary to use mechanical means for its installation in the plant.

(The weight of a wooden pole of similar mechanical characteristics (8D/8E) has a weight between 110 and 140 kg).

Certification UNE 0072:2021

GraphenTower’s FRP composite poles comply with the UNE 0072:2021 specifications created by the
technical committee CTN 133 for telecommunications.