“Evolve in the telecommunications overhead line pole market by offering a technically viable alternative to replace creosote wooden poles, leveraging the benefits of new materials and production processes.”
Poste Composite PRFV Utility pole FRP
Poste Composite PRFV Utility pole FRP




Revolutionizing the Pole Utility industry with innovative graphene-based solutions.


With GraphenTower's graphene-based poles, you get the best of both worlds - a lightweight design and unbeatable resistance to wear and tear


Unbeatable performance, reliability, and longevity.


GraphenTower is committed to sustainability, with a manufacturing process that minimizes waste and energy consumption.

Focus on innovation and sustainability

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The company's objective is to contribute to the replacement of thousands of telecommunications and electrical poles with a solution that features properties such as lower weight and higher resistance, facilitating installation and increasing their durability.
Rubén Esteller
Move over, concrete and steel. Considered a super material with the potential to radically transform the future of construction, tomorrow’s high rises could be made from graphene, an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms. The EU-funded GRAPHENGLASS project is transferring the high performance of graphene.
European Commision