About the company

GraphenTower is a company specializing in the production of telecommunication and power distribution poles.

They are a leader in the industry due to their use of advanced technologies such as graphene composite materials, which offer lightweight and durable solutions for telecommunication and electrical power infrastructure. GraphenTower is also known for its commitment to sustainability and low carbon footprint production processes.


GraphenTower has its own engineering department and develops its own tools for the manufacture of poles, using proprietary process technology. This allows them to have full control over the production process and ensure the highest quality and efficiency in their products.

trusted partner

Their commitment to innovation has positioned them as a leader in the industry and a trusted partner for companies seeking advanced and reliable infrastructure solutions.

Graphentower FRP poles stacked on pallets ready for transport

constant growth

GraphenTower is a company in constant growth that stands out from its competition for its innovative capacity. They are constantly striving to improve their products and processes, incorporating the latest technologies and materials to offer the most efficient and sustainable solutions for telecommunication and power distribution needs.


GraphenTower is committed to sustainability, with a manufacturing process that minimizes waste and energy consumption - resulting in a low carbon footprint and eco-friendly telecom poles.

Ethics & Compliance at GraphenTower

Not just a responsibility, but our life’s work. At GraphenTower we are aware of the role we must play in providing solutions that help economic, social and environmental development, not simply to meet today’s demands, but to help us create a more efficient, cleaner and healthier future. At GraphenTower we dedicate our time and energy to research and development, sustainable growth and financial evolution in order to better serve our customers, communities and the world.

Code of Business Integrity

We have adopted an Ethics Policy and developed our Code of Business Integrity to provide specific guidelines for business conduct for our employees.

This information is distributed to each of our employees and partners in order to align GraphenTower’s expectations of ethical conduct and integrity wherever you do business. We believe strongly in our code and failure to comply will result in severe disciplinary action including termination of employment. Our employees are strongly encouraged to report suspicions, complaints and concerns, and can anonymously report breaches through a number of channels provided below:

If you have noticed a violation of our Code of Business Integrity, please contact our Legal and Compliance Department.

You can also submit your report to us by completing the form below:

    Our team

    In the industry, a well-coordinated team is synonymous with success

    Vicente Montesinos

    Vicente Montesinos

    Chief Executive Officer – CEO

    He is a highly strategic and visionary leader, with a deep understanding of the company’s industry and the ability to inspire and motivate employees at all levels. He is responsible for driving the company’s growth and success, and for ensuring that the company remains competitive.

    Javier Heredia

    Chief Technology Officer – CTO

    He is responsible for overseeing the company’s technology strategy and development to ensure that the company is leveraging technology to meet its business goals.

    Vladimir Tsarenko

    Industrial Manager

    He is responsible for overseeing and managing the technical aspects of the factory’s activity. This includes areas such as research and development, product design and engineering, quality assurance, and technical support.

    Mariel Daniel

    Head of Operations

    She is responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the company, with a particular focus on the manufacturing and production processes. This includes areas such as inventory management, supply chain management, logistics, and quality control to ensure that the company is operating efficiently and effectively.

    Gabriel Marco

    Technical Office

    He may assist with troubleshooting technical issues, developing and implementing solutions, and providing training and support to end-users. They work closely with other departments such as manufacturing, quality control, and product design to ensure that technical problems are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

    Our industry group

    Leading group in innovation and applications with graphene